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History of Dangdut !!! byamatir

Dangdut is originally from Malay, Some Indonesian people even call it Malay Music. It started the popularity in 1940s. The Music is dominated by drum made of wood and leather, and guitar. The tempo is not fast. Dangdut is also a good music dancing. This music is like disco in the western countries. many people like to dance when listening to dangdut mus

The current contemporary dangdut gets some influences from India and Arab, especially in the use of tabla. Tabla is kind of music instrument, similar to drum. Currently, dangdut is much influenced by western music style. This can be seen from the use of electric guitar, or electric organ. Dangdut is also open to such other music forms like keroncong, rock, or even house music. Therefore, there are now some new forms of music like congdut (Keroncong and dandut), Rockdut (Rock and dangdut).

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